Biden’s Electric Car Mandate Sparks Outrage: A Disaster Looming!

President Joe Biden’s latest push for electric vehicles has conservative minds revving up in dismay – it’s a total disaster waiting to happen!

Biden’s new mandate that most cars and trucks sold by 2032 must be hybrid or electric has sparked outrage among those who value personal choice and the free market.

It’s no surprise that Biden’s approval ratings were already in the gutter, but this new initiative is like throwing gasoline on the fire – pun intended!

The President seems completely out of touch with reality, bragging about his plan on social media while ignoring the concerns of hardworking Americans and industries that will be adversely affected by this overreaching government regulation.

Former President Donald Trump, a true champion of freedom and common sense, wasted no time calling out the lunacy of Biden’s plan on social media, highlighting the potential consequences of forcing people to buy expensive and unreliable electric vehicles.

Trump’s message is clear: American citizens should have the freedom to choose what type of vehicle they drive, without government interference.

It’s time for Joe Biden to hit the brakes on his reckless agenda and focus on policies that actually benefit the American people, instead of pushing his radical climate agenda that only serves to expand government control.

The sooner we say goodbye to Biden and welcome back leadership that prioritizes individual liberties and economic prosperity, the better off we’ll all be. Let’s put the pedal to the metal in getting America back on track!

Written by Staff Reports

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