Biden’s EV Push Accelerates Insurance Premiums, Crashes Wallets!

As Rebecca Mansour at good ol’ Breitbart sees it, America’s inflation is hitting the gas pedal, quite literally. The Biden administration’s push for electric vehicles is like a high-speed train barreling straight into a mountain of moolah. According to Breitbart’s Economics Editor John Carney, this EV craze is inflating more than just your tires. In a sit-down chat with Fox Business host Larry Kudlow, Carney revealed that the shift towards EVs is sending auto insurance premiums into the stratosphere faster than a SpaceX rocket.

But it’s not just the cost of insurance that’s revving up. Carney explained that EVs are so pricey to repair that even a tiny fender-bender can send your bank account skidding out of control. And with Biden’s new rule to dominate the car market with hybrids and EVs by 2032, it looks like the red lights of rising auto insurance rates are going to keep flashing.

Breitbart’s very own John Binder chimed in, highlighting how a survey from Consumer Reports showed that EVs are plagued with more problems than a toddler at nap time. It seems that American consumers are revolting against EVs, with a laundry list of gripes including marathon charging times, a dearth of charging stations, battery brouhahas, and interior woes. To top it all off, car dealers have been sounding the alarm about the lack of interest in EVs among American consumers. Well, that’s about as shocking as discovering that the sun rises in the East.

And it’s not just drivers feeling the heat. America’s autoworkers are revving up their engines against the impending doom of job cuts and wage slashes as the internal combustion engine marches towards its sunset. With EVs requiring less elbow grease to put together, everyone from the assembly line workers to the suppliers in the car component chain is bracing for impact. China’s got its lithium battery monopoly all charged up and ready to go, leaving America’s auto industry feeling like it’s stuck in traffic with no way out.

And let’s not forget good ol’ President Donald Trump’s warning about China’s plot to mow down America’s auto industry like a lawnmower in a garden. He even painted a bleak picture of a “bloodbath” if cheap EVs from China flood the market. But as the media hits the panic button, Trump’s not the only one singing this tune. XPeng Motors’ CEO also dished out talk of an impending “bloodbath,” so it looks like there’s a storm brewing on the horizon.

So, hop on board, folks, because this rollercoaster of EVs, inflation, and China’s thunderstorm is about to take you on the ride of your life. And Breitbart will be there, serving up the blow-by-blow with extra “Make America Great Again” seasoning.

Written by Staff Reports

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