Biden’s Gun Control Speech Struggles Amid Hunter Verdict Fallout and Low Approval Ratings

President Joe Biden gave a speech about gun control shortly after his son, Hunter, was found guilty of federal gun charges. The White House Press Secretary decided not to address the press, avoiding questions about Biden’s schedule. Biden spoke at Everytown for Gun Safety’s Gun Sense University in Washington, D.C., and the speech was not well-received.

Critics pointed out several inaccuracies and odd statements in Biden’s speech. He talked about convincing a Delaware fisherman to give up his “assault weapon,” which some found hard to believe. Biden also made claims about the number of bullets needed in a gun and the ownership of cannons during the Civil War, which were fact-checked and found to be false. Additionally, he repeated a line about needing F-15s to take on the government, which has drawn criticism in the past. 


At a time when the economy is struggling and inflation is affecting working Americans, many believe that issues like gun control are not a top priority. The immigration crisis has also gained more attention, especially with the recent arrests of radical Islamic terrorists. Immigration has become a significant issue in 2024, and former President Trump is seen as leading on this matter, even gaining support from Hispanic voters. Biden’s approval ratings are low, and some believe he should resign. Gun control is not seen as a priority that will energize Democrats, especially given the recent verdict in Hunter Biden’s case.

During the speech, Biden was also interrupted by pro-Palestinian activists, which some saw as another sign of the challenges he is facing.

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