Poll Trouble for Squad Member Jamaal Bowman Ahead of NY Primary

A recent poll shows trouble for Rep. Jamaal Bowman in his reelection campaign. The poll has him down by a lot of points just two weeks before the primary election in New York. This is a big deal because Mr. Bowman is a member of the “Squad,” which is known for being very progressive.

The poll asked 425 likely Democratic voters who they would vote for, what issues were important to them, and their view of both candidates. It found that Mr. Bowman is behind by 17 points in the race, but many people are still undecided.

The poll shows that Mr. Bowman has more support from voters who are 40 and younger, with 44% backing him. Meanwhile, his opponent, George Lattimer, has more support from voters who are over 40, with over 50% of them backing him.

Mr. Bowman has also faced criticism for his strong anti-Israel stance and support for a cease-fire. This is something that has been controversial for him and other progressive Democrats seeking reelection. The poll found that more voters aligned with Mr. Lattimer’s views on this issue, with 45% backing him and 29% backing Mr. Bowman.

Another thing that came up in the poll is that more voters hold a favorable view of Mr. Lattimer, with 65% liking him, compared to 51% for Mr. Bowman. Mr. Bowman has also been in the news for pulling a fire alarm in the House of Representatives and for having a blog with conspiracy theories.

This poll shows that Mr. Bowman is facing some challenges in his reelection campaign, and it will be interesting to see how things unfold in the coming weeks.

Written by Staff Reports

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