Pro-Biden SuperPAC Taps Hollywood to Woo Disillusioned Young Voters

A group of pro-Biden donors is working with Hollywood writers to launch a SuperPAC wanting to boost support for Biden among younger voters, who helped him win in 2020. The group Won’t PAC Down plans to raise $20-25 million to fund this effort. They are hiring Millennial and Gen Z writers and directors to create ads tailored to appeal to younger voters.

This move by Won’t PAC Down shows the lengths Democrats will try to connect with younger voters who are becoming disillusioned with the President. It seems like they believe that bringing in Hollywood writers will make a difference in changing the minds of these voters. It’s a desperate attempt to revive Biden’s support among a demographic that once strongly supported him.

By hiring writers from popular shows like “Saturday Night Live” and “Parks And Recreation,” the PAC hopes to create content that will resonate with younger audiences. However, the reliance on Hollywood figures and celebrity endorsements may not be enough to sway young voters increasingly looking for substance over style in politics.

It’s interesting to see how the Biden Campaign struggles to maintain support from younger voters, with recent polls showing a significant decline in approval among this group. The fact that President Biden is now only leading Trump by a narrow margin among Gen Z voters showcases a worrying trend for Democrats.

This story highlights the importance of policies and actions over flashy ad campaigns and celebrity endorsements. Ultimately, voters, especially younger ones, seek real solutions to the issues they care about rather than just slick advertising tactics. This SuperPAC’s efforts may fall short if they fail to address the concerns and priorities of younger voters meaningfully.

Written by Staff Reports

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