Biden’s Halo Act: Preaching Rule of Law While Sidestepping It for Power Grab

Joe Biden, that paragon of virtue, loves to lecture the American people about the “rule of law.” After the Supreme Court’s latest decision on presidential immunity, he was back at it again, playing the part of the solemn, law-abiding leader. One would almost believe he’s got a halo stashed away somewhere for moments like these.

But let’s not kid ourselves. Biden’s self-righteous speech hardly hides his hunger for unchecked power. He’s got “good intentions,” and apparently, that means he gets to govern like some benevolent emperor in his own eyes. From executive orders to questionable mandates, it’s clear Biden thinks his sense of justice is above any pesky constitutional limits.

While the cameras roll and the teleprompter guides his every word, behind the scenes, it’s more like a one-man show. Forget the democratic process; Biden’s idea of leadership seems more akin to ruling by decree. The irony here is thicker than his attempted piety; he preaches adherence to laws he’s all too willing to sidestep when it suits his agenda.

Conservatives watch as Biden’s administration twists the law to fit its narrative, all while claiming higher moral ground. Whether it’s federal overreach or bypassing Congress, Biden’s actions scream double standards. The “rule of law” apparently only applies when it doesn’t interfere with his plans.

So, while Biden may speak of fairness and lawfulness, his conduct tells a different story. It’s a tale as old as politics itself: a leader who feigns humility while grasping for power. And he expects Americans to just smile and nod, believing his intentions are pure and just.

Written by Staff Reports

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