Democrat Rep Doggett Urges Biden to Exit 2024 Race Over Debate Performance and Trump Threat

Democratic Rep. Lloyd Doggett of Texas made headlines by becoming the first elected Democrat to publicly call for President Joe Biden to drop out of the presidential race. Doggett pointed to Biden’s lackluster performance in a recent debate as the catalyst for his bold stance. Despite acknowledging Biden’s efforts in rebuilding the country post-pandemic, Doggett expressed concerns about the President’s polling numbers and ability to defeat Donald Trump.

In a strongly worded statement, Doggett emphasized the importance of the upcoming election in safeguarding democracy from a potential authoritarian takeover. Citing the recent Supreme Court ruling on Trump’s immunity, Doggett warned of a possible descent into a “long, dark, authoritarian era” under a re-elected Trump. He urged Biden to follow in the footsteps of past leaders who made difficult decisions for the greater good of the country.

While Doggett may be the first Democratic official to call for Biden’s withdrawal, he is not alone in raising concerns about the President’s fitness for office. Left-leaning media outlets have also questioned Biden’s age and cognitive abilities, suggesting a broader undercurrent of doubt within progressive circles. Despite Biden’s campaign asserting his commitment to staying in the race, speculation remains about the Democratic Party potentially exploring options for a change in leadership.

As the political landscape continues to shift, the call for Biden to step aside reflects a growing unease among some Democrats about his ability to lead effectively. Whether this plea will gain traction within the party remains to be seen, but it underscores the deep divisions and uncertainties facing the left as they gear up for a tough electoral battle ahead.

Written by Staff Reports

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