Biden’s Inflation Claims Debunked Average Joe Feels the Pinch

Well, buckle up, folks, because it’s time to dissect the latest news on President Joe Biden and his inflation blunders. According to White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, Biden’s claim that inflation was at a whopping nine percent when he stepped into the presidential hot seat is about as accurate as a broken clock telling time. In reality, inflation was just a measly 1.4 percent when Biden took office, not the sky-high figure he keeps tossing around like confetti at a parade.

But wait, there’s more! Jean-Pierre tried to spin this yarn by saying that Biden was simply highlighting the factors that led to such high inflation. It’s like trying to blame a flat tire on the nearby squirrel instead of the pothole you just drove over. Sure, reopening the economy after the pandemic may have revved up spending, but let’s not forget the $1.9 trillion stimulus package that poured gasoline on the inflation fire like a kid at a barbecue with the lighter fluid.

Let’s rewind the clock to July 2021 when Biden confidently claimed, “There’s nobody suggesting there’s unchecked inflation on the way. No serious economist.” Well, well, well, isn’t that a slap in the face to economist Larry Summers, who had been waving the red flag of inflation for months? Summers, a seasoned expert in all things money, warned that Biden’s spendthrift ways would send inflation soaring faster than a balloon on a windy day.

So, if the inflation train was already chugging along before Biden punched his time card at the White House, why was he singing a different tune last summer? It’s like trying to blame the burnt cookies on the oven when you forgot to set the timer in the first place. Let’s call a spade a spade here – Biden may have inherited a tricky economy, but his policies have pumped up inflation faster than a tire with a nail in it.

While it’s easy to point fingers at pent-up demand and wonky global supply chains, the real culprit behind this inflation rollercoaster is the reckless spending spree orchestrated by the Biden administration. The Federal Reserve had modest projections for inflation until Biden’s policies kicked it into overdrive. In 2021 alone, inflation soared to heights not seen since the 1980s, making wallets cry out for mercy like a kid in a candy store without a limit.

So, dear readers, the next time you hear President Biden spinning tales of nine percent inflation like a magician pulling rabbits out of a hat, just remember – the real magic trick is how fast your money disappears in the face of such economic tomfoolery. It’s time for some fiscal responsibility in the White House, because the only thing inflated higher than our prices is Biden’s inflation fibs.

Written by Staff Reports

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