Biden’s Lavish Pride Bash: Ignoring Inflation Crisis for LGBTQ+ Agenda?

Joe Biden has announced that he will host the largest Pride celebration in history at the White House. But as Americans struggle to make ends meet amidst skyrocketing inflation and billions of taxpayer dollars sent to Ukraine, is this really the best use of resources?

The LGBTQ+ celebration, billed as a celebration of “LGBTQ+ families,” will feature performances from Betty Who and DJ Queen HD. However, the event will also push for more progressive ideology, including measures aimed at promoting transgenderism.

Meanwhile, Biden’s Department of Education is appointing a new special coordinator to tackle “book bans” implemented in some parts of the country. These bans are often touted by progressives as attacks on the rights of LGBTQ+ Americans, but they are usually used to remove books with graphic content from children’s sections of bookstores and libraries. Many parents have expressed concerns about the explicit content in these books, which they say are aimed at young children and contain inappropriate topics like “blwjobs” and “an l fisting.”

All of this is happening as inflation reaches a 40-year high, thanks to Biden’s out-of-control spending. Federal spending has skyrocketed by 40% in just four years, largely due to growth in numerous programs beyond Social Security, Medicare, and defense.

Americans are struggling to pay for groceries and mortgage payments, but Biden’s administration seems to be more concerned with promoting progressive ideology than addressing the real concerns of everyday Americans. Is this really what voters wanted when they elected him?

Source: Daily Fetched

Written by Staff Reports

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