Air Force Salutes LGBTQ Flag: Military Hijacked by Liberal Agenda?

It’s no secret that liberals have taken over our beloved military. The latest proof of this is the US Air Force’s official Twitter account, which posted a picture of a soldier saluting an LGBTQ flag to “Celebrate Pride Month.” The image shows a rainbow backdrop with black and brown and trans colors, in addition to the Air Force seal. The gender of the soldier is not entirely clear, but it has become apparent that this isn’t the service member’s main point of concern – they’re too busy saluting an alphabet cult flag.

To make things worse, campaign managers tried to justify their disgusting choice of diversity pandering by stating “June is #PrideMonth! The Department of the Air Force proudly recognizes and celebrates generations of LGBTQI+ service members and their contributions to our #AirForce & #SpaceForce.” It’s mind-boggling that supposed leaders would be so eager to play identity politics during a global pandemic in which the last thing on the public’s mind is the sexual orientation of our service members.

As expected, patriots everywhere are outraged. “What an embarrassment,” exclaimed one Twitter user; “the only colors American military ought to salute are Red, White, and Blue,” declared Rep. Ralph Norman. Many people are calling for the US Air Force to explain why it is actively disgracing our military and replacing the American flag like we are a conquered people.

Of course, the Navy had to jump on board with this disastrous narrative by creating an LGBT graphic to promote Pride Month. The good news is that the backlash was so severe that the Navy quietly removed the rainbow-colored LGBTQ graphic in an attempt to sweep it under the rug. But did the US Air Force learn from their blunder? No! It’s time for our military to stop playing identity politics and focus on what really matters – protecting America.

Written by Staff Reports

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