Biden’s Mental Fitness Raises Alarms as Presidency Becomes a Political Circus

In today’s warped political climate, running for the U.S. presidency might land you a padded cell. Subjecting oneself and family to global scrutiny certainly isn’t for the faint of heart—or half-brains, for that matter, looking at you, Joe Biden. Once a bastion of dignity, the presidency has become a circus, and who do we have under the big top? A staggeringly unfit ringleader whose clown car of gaffes isn’t running out of fuel anytime soon.

Let’s not get it twisted: Biden’s health woes aren’t merely media fluff. Even in 1972, health issues sidelined candidates; George McGovern’s running mate, Thomas Eagleton, was torpedoed by revelations of severe mental health problems and treatment with electric shock therapy. Fast forward to today. Who do we have? It echoes Eagleton’s era but in the main act, not the sideshow. Joe Biden has served up an array of mental mishaps for over 18 months, leaving America to wonder if he’s a zombie signed up for a role he’s forgotten exists.

When concerns about Biden’s mental state were raised to top White House staffers like Ron Klain, they were brushed under the proverbial rug.
The media, for once doing their job, tried to pry into these visible moments of presidential dementia. Instead of transparency, the White House went into full camouflage mode, obscuring, deflecting, and denying. No stranger to political skeletons, Carl Bernstein went on CNN to detail the president’s rapid decline. Bernstein mentioned at least 15 separate occasions that mirrored Biden’s abysmal debate performance, including a chilling episode at a New York City fundraiser where Biden was as animate as rigor mortis, necessitating a chair to keep the façade up.

And who are they fooling with claims that Biden is laser-focused on national security? Let’s count the ways he’s fumbled: Afghanistan? A chaotic withdrawal that gifted the Taliban more than they could’ve dreamed. Ukraine? A mess that’s testing NATO’s patience. Gaza? An uninterrupted channel for terrorism. Biden’s track record on foreign policy reads more like a horror story than a history lesson, spanning four decades of blunders.

The debate debacle stripped away any pretense of Biden’s competency, exposing his inadequacies for all to see. The polling numbers don’t lie—they’re plummeting faster than one of Biden’s speech coherency levels. Democrats are reeling from years of gaslighting as their chosen one buckle under the simplest tasks. Republicans warned, but as the saying goes, “You reap what you sow.” Enjoy your time under Towering Joe, Democrats. You’ve earned it.

Written by Staff Reports

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