Biden Faces Backlash from Key Ally Rangel Post-Debate Raising Doubts About Leadership

President Joe Biden’s support seems to be crumbling around him post-debate, with even his own allies jumping ship faster than rats on a sinking ship.

Despite the assumption that Biden would retain the backing of the elderly Democrat establishment, recent reports indicate that this may not be the case. Former Harlem Congressman Charles Rangel, 94 years old and far from a Republican sympathizer, heavily criticized Biden’s debate performance, suggesting that the White House may not be the most suitable residence for the confused candidate.

In a scathing radio interview, Rangel expressed shock and embarrassment over Biden’s shaky responses, contrasting him with a convicted felon, Trump, who flaunted his morality. Rangel went so far as to hint that both candidates should undergo cognitive tests, hinting at his doubts about Biden’s ability to serve effectively.

The ex-Congressman highlighted Biden’s floundering performance during the debate, raising concerns about the next four years under his leadership. Rangel even insinuated that reminders of Trump’s legal issues may be necessary to drive voters towards Biden, painting a grim picture of the electoral landscape.

Despite his reservations, Rangel commended Biden’s post-debate campaign demeanor, noting a sudden surge in his articulateness and effectiveness, a stark contrast to his debate debacle. However, he couldn’t ignore Biden’s frequent fumbles and questionable moments during the debate, including a baffling claim of “beating Medicare.”

Though Rangel remains hesitant to abandon Biden completely, his criticisms and doubts about the candidate’s mental acuity paint a worrying picture of the Democratic nominee’s fitness for office. With Biden’s own camp showing signs of strain, the road to the White House seems increasingly rocky for the former Vice President.

Written by Staff Reports

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