NRCC Ad Corners Democrats on Biden’s 2024 Viability

The National Republican Campaign Committee (NRCC) has unleashed a new advertisement that pins House Democrats into a corner they can’t escape. The 54-second clip, dubbed “Doomed,” highlights their elusive maneuvers whenever the subject of President Joe Biden’s competence comes up. For a party that’s supposed to be unified behind their leader, these Democrats are speed-walking away faster than Biden trying to remember the name of his Energy Secretary.

The ad showcases a parade of uncomfortable exchanges where Democratic Representatives like Pat Ryan, Don Davis, and Marcy Kaptur balk at the simple question: should Biden be the 2024 nominee? Catching them off-guard, the NRCC staffers and reporters create a montage that belongs in a comedy show. Ryan uses the classic, “I’m in a rush” excuse, Horsford dodges with, “trying to get to votes,” and Kaptur goes full defensive, putting her hand on the camera like it’s a Steven Spielberg film.

The narrative isn’t just hilarious—it’s a political catastrophe for Democrats. One can practically hear the circus music playing in the background as these politicians scramble to find an exit. After Biden’s disastrous first presidential debate, any praise of his mental sharpness sounds as credible as a campaign promise during tax season. The NRCC’s rapid response director plainly stated that the Democrats’ love affair with Biden’s cognitive abilities had come back to haunt them, leaving their credibility shattered.

Even as Democrats quietly mutter that Biden’s debate performance was lackluster, they stop short of asking him to bow out gracefully. Instead, they cling to him like a life raft in a stormy sea, despite knowing full well it’s full of holes. Aguilar’s attempt to deflect, by labeling the debate a “tough night” while calling Trump’s remarks “scary,” is the political equivalent of, “Look! A squirrel!” It’s as if confronting Biden’s weak performance is scarier than a horror movie marathon.

But House Republicans aren’t buying the charade. Rep. Chip Roy is spearheading a movement to invoke the 25th Amendment, pressing Vice President Kamala Harris to step in and save the day. Speaker Mike Johnson didn’t mince words either, suggesting Biden’s Cabinet should start considering the president’s capability to finish his term.

Meanwhile, Democratic mouthpieces insist Biden is just having an off-day, as if the presidency is a summer camp talent show. Rep. Dingell chimes in with the classic defense, claiming one bad night doesn’t define a person. It’s a noble sentiment, but they’re running out of one-liners to cover up a presidency that looks more like a blooper reel with each passing day.

As this political circus continues, the Democrats in Congress find themselves stuck in a tricky position, trying to defend the indefensible. The NRCC’s ad serves as a stark reminder that when it comes to Biden’s viability, even his party members would rather play hide and seek than face the music.

Written by Staff Reports

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