Biden’s New Prop: Cheat Cards Meet Irish PM

In a note that’s sticking out more than a leprechaun at a St. Patrick’s Day parade, President Biden’s latest magic trick involved pulling out cheat cards during a visit with Irish officials at the White House. Sporting a card with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar’s face plastered on it like a mugshot, Biden showcased his ace up the sleeve to make sure he could remember names beyond his own reflection.

Photos captured the moment of Biden holding up the handy-dandy cheat sheet, making sure he didn’t mix up an Irish Prime Minister with a bottle of Guinness. Some critics might call it a memory aid, but to conservatives like us, it’s just another example of Biden needing help to remember the basics. Shouldn’t a president have a memory sharper than a shamrock?

Not only did the President need a crash course in name pronunciations, but he also had his entourage of Irish officials in tow, likely being shepherded around like a flock of sheep by the shepherd-in-chief. The group’s visit culminated in the annual Friends of Ireland luncheon, where Biden mingled with lawmakers and ambassadors like a socialite at a high-end soirée.

And this wasn’t the first time Biden whipped out the cheat sheet like a magician revealing his secrets. From press conferences to private fundraisers, he’s been caught with notes more often than a schoolkid at exam time. It’s becoming a trend faster than a viral TikTok dance. Shouldn’t the leader of the free world rely on more than just crib notes to get through the day?

But fear not, for the White House press secretary was quick to assure everyone that these cheat sheets are as regular as a morning cup of coffee. In a move more scripted than a Hollywood blockbuster, the explanation seemed about as genuine as a knock-off Rolex. When will President Biden start shuffling his own deck of cards instead of relying on cheat sheets like a novice magician trying to impress the crowd? Only time will tell, but until then, the show must go on – cheat cards and all.

Written by Staff Reports

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