Supreme Court Upholds Values, Nixes Drag Show at University

In a major win for the protection of traditional values, the Supreme Court shut down the hopes of a student group trying to push through a drag show at West Texas A&M University. The administrators at the university made the wise decision to nix the event, recognizing that drag shows don’t exactly scream “dignity.” Bravo to them for taking a stand against this mockery of womanhood.

It’s quite refreshing to see the justices standing up for decency and common sense in their unsigned order denying the appeal. Drag shows may be all the rage in some circles, but let’s not forget that they often reduce women to caricatures and objectify them for the entertainment of others. Kudos to the Supreme Court for not caving to the pressure to normalize such degrading displays.

The Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression may have tried to paint this as a free speech issue, but let’s call a spade a spade. Drag shows, with their over-the-top and often offensive portrayals, have no place in a respectable institution of higher learning. It’s heartening to see the courts upholding standards of decency and avoiding the slippery slope of pandering to every whim and fancy.

And let’s not forget the other victories in the fight against the spread of drag shows. Restrictions in Florida and Tennessee have been upheld by the courts, showing that there is still hope for preserving traditional values in the face of a culture that seems intent on tearing them down. Here’s to more rulings that prioritize morality and respect over trendy but harmful fads.

It’s reassuring to see the Supreme Court making the right call in shutting down the push for a drag show at West Texas A&M University. Let’s hope this sets a precedent for upholding traditional values and standing against the erosion of decency in our society. Keep up the good work, justices!

Written by Staff Reports

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