Biden’s Open Borders: A Terrorist’s Dream Come True – When Will America Wake Up?

Once again, the alarm bells are ringing loud and clear, reminding Americans that the threat of terrorism is very real – and President Biden’s open borders policy is only making things worse. The latest Foreign Affairs essay, based on input from top national-security experts, is a stark reminder that history has a frightening way of repeating itself. The refusal to secure the southern border is like playing with fire, and the flames of danger are licking at our heels.

It’s like watching a horror movie sequel – “Terrorism Returns: The Biden Border Crisis.” This is a nail-biting thriller where the main character, President Biden, refuses to learn from past mistakes and instead, opens the gates for potential threats to flood in. The scenes are set for a potential disaster, and the audience is left wondering, will America be caught napping once more? 


The evidence is chilling. With the southern border resembling a leaky sieve, it’s easier than ever for bad actors to slip through the cracks. President Biden’s failure to take a strong, decisive stance on border security is not just a political misstep, it’s a reckless endangerment of the safety and security of every American man, woman, and child. The warnings couldn’t be any clearer – it’s time to wake up and smell the danger brewing at the border. The question remains, will President Biden heed the warnings and take action before it’s too late?

Written by Staff Reports

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