Biden’s Own Spokesperson Proves His White House Is Untrustworthy

During Friday's press briefing, Biden's press secretary, Jean-Pierre, provided the same non-answers that she has been giving all week when it comes to talking about the president's seriousness about classified information.

Jean-Pierre repeatedly refused to provide the reporters with any further information about the situation regarding classified information. She cited various reasons, such as the White House's statement regarding the investigation.

Jean-Pierre also refused to provide the reporters with any further information about the situation regarding classified information. She said that everyone should accept the president's apology for his actions regarding the mishandling of sensitive information.

Since news about Biden's top-secret "whoopsie" broke, Jean-Pierre has been avoiding providing further details about the incident. Instead, she has been maintaining that the inquiries should be directed to the White House's Office of the Counsel.

The repeated refusal of Jean-Pierre to provide the reporters with any more information about the incident regarding classified information has raised an obvious question. If she is not allowed to answer questions, why not invite Richard Sauber, the president's counsel, to the briefing room to speak with reporters?

Jean-Pierre again refused to provide the reporters with further information about the incident and instead directed their questions to the White House's Office of the Counsel.

Jean-Pierre is not against guests appearing in her briefings. Sometimes, she even brings in National Security Advisor John Kirby or Jake Sullivan to do a filibuster in order to cut down on the time that reporters spend talking to each other.

This time, however, the White House did not follow through on its promise to provide transparency and restore the public's confidence in the presidency. Instead, it has continued to hide the details about the incident involving the mishandling of classified information.

During Friday's briefing, Jean-Pierre defended the Biden administration's actions, saying that they are delivering on their promise to restore the Justice Department's independence. She noted that not being able to provide the reporters with answers is proof of the president's commitment to transparency.

There is a mountain of evidence that shows that the White House gave marching orders to the Justice Department and Attorney General Garland when Biden was in office.

It was also clear that Jean-Pierre is unwilling to provide the reporters with the answers they are looking for, as only the details they have already reported are the ones she can answer. One of the most notable.

examples of this is her failure to provide the reporters with any information about the second batch of classified documents that was discovered in Biden's garage.

Jean-Pierre repeatedly used the excuse of "process" to justify her refusal to provide additional details about the incident. She also refused to answer questions about the specific actions taken against Biden.

The White House's process, which conveniently obscures facts, is not only inconsistent with the Biden administration's promise to restore the public's trust in the presidency, but it also goes against the principles of transparency.

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