Tucker Exposes Democrat’s Plan To Oust Joe Biden

Tucker Carlson, a Fox News host, said on Thursday that Joe Biden believed that his presidency was being "euthanized" by his own party due to the investigation regarding the discovery of classified information.

Carlson noted that if you're like most people, then it's a strange experience watching Biden's presidency get destroyed by his own party. He called him the most destructive president the US has ever seen. More than anything else, Biden has done more damage than any other president.

He also criticized the president for breaking various federal regulations and laws. He compared this to apprehending El Chapo for not having the proper license plates. According to CNN, Biden's lawyers discovered classified documents during the cleaning of an office the former vice president used. When they went to his home in Delaware, they discovered more documents that were classified.

Robert Hur was appointed as the special counsel to investigate the mishandling of classified information. According to Carlson, if you're looking for crimes that Biden has committed, there's a lot of things that he's responsible for. The US is in the midst of an invasion, nuclear war is approaching, the economy is in disarray, and airplanes are not taking off on time. Biden and his staff are also involved in various other disasters.

The investigation of Biden has raised concerns about the country's democracy. According to Carlson, the investigation shows that Washington is still in charge of the country's political system. Unelected bureaucrats make the decisions that affect the lives of Americans, and democracy becomes a joke.

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