See Biden Get OWNED On Twitter After Outrageous AR-15 Comment

On January 18, US President Joe Biden participated in the annual Martin Luther King Junior breakfast organized by the National Action Network.

During his speech, the president gave an ultimatum to those who want to challenge the government. He stated that they would need to acquire F-15 fighter planes to take on the US.

In his speech, Biden reaffirmed his commitment to improving gun control. He promised in 2020 that he would make it his top priority to address the issue. Since then, he has presented numerous pieces of legislation aimed at reducing gun violence.

This latest statement supports his efforts to address the issue of gun violence. He argued that if people try to challenge the government's authority, they should be met with an overwhelming force.

The way social media reacted to Biden's speech is interesting. Many people, especially conservatives, disagreed with him due to his statements about the AR-15 and F-15 fighter planes. Others saw his attempt at addressing gun violence as another example of how politicians can become out-of touch when it comes to addressing complex social issues.

Liberal thought was generally supportive. They believed that only the government could use military technology against Americans in civilian settings, such as during protests against authority.

This isn't Biden's first time he's suggested using force against the people if they don't support his rule.

In August, Biden stated that right-wing Americans would need F-15 fighter planes to fight against the government. He said that they would need something more than a gun to take on the country.

Biden's statement immediately received laughter from the audience. He then went on to explain how the government uses various rationales to justify its actions.

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