Eric Swalwell: Dems Will ‘Go Around’ McCarthy To Fund Ukraine

On Wednesday, Eric Swalwell, a California Democrat, said that Democrats would go around House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and raise the debt ceiling.

According to Swalwell, the biggest asset Russia has is the Republican Party, which he said is unwilling to help Ukraine. Democrats are united behind their efforts to deliver votes.

Swalwell predicted that the country would soon learn the term speaker discharge. It means that if a majority of the Congress supports a bill, then the Democrats will be able to go around the speaker.

A discharge petition, which requires the House to vote on a bill after it has been signed by a majority of its members, can be used to force a vote.

After winning the 15th ballot, McCarthy became the new House speaker. He agreed to various Freedom Caucus rules changes and gave some of the conservative members of the House Committee assignments. One of his campaign promises was to prevent the government from spending cuts if the debt ceiling is raised.

When it comes to providing aid to Ukraine, McCarthy stated that a Republican-controlled House would not provide a blank check. The Biden administration is expected to unveil a new aid package for Ukraine on Friday. It is believed that the aid will exclude the M1A1 Abrams battle tanks and the ATACMS.

Swalwell doubted McCarthy's ability to stand up to those who supported his agreement with the Freedom Caucus.

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