Biden’s Plot to Skyrocket Your Gas and Oil Bills Unveiled!

During an interview on The Weather Channel, US President Joe Biden reaffirmed his commitment to stopping the development of natural gas and oil drilling in certain regions of the country. This declaration came after he made an appearance in Arizona and unveiled a million acres of land as off limits for mining and oil and gas exploration. This move angered local ranchers and representatives of the western region.

Eli Crane, a Republican from Arizona, criticized Biden's decision to prioritize the radical left over tribal sovereignty, economic prosperity, and national security. He also stated that this policy would make the U.S. more dependent on foreign powers such as Russia and China.

According to Crane, the Biden Administration has been mistreating Americans and undermining the country's economy through its policies. He noted that Northern Arizona will be affected by the government's land grab. He also criticized the administration for preventing the Navajo Nation from participating in the development of oil and natural gas in New Mexico.

He referred to this as an example of the "woke government" overreach that he believes is part of the America Last agenda, and it shows how Biden and his administration are disregarding the aspirations and needs of the people.

Gas prices have once again gone up, and Biden neglected to provide a plan on how to replenish the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. This move highlights the fragility of the nation's energy resources and the effect it may have on its citizens.

Written by Staff Reports

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