Biden’s Salt Lake Speech: Will He Make PACT Act Great Again? Watch Live!

President Joe Biden is in Salt Lake City today, delivering a speech on the first anniversary of the Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics Act of 2022, also known as the PACT Act. This act expanded healthcare and benefits for veterans who were exposed to burn pits, Agent Orange, and other toxic substances. Say what you will about Biden, but he sure does love his veterans! The address is set to take place at the George E. Wahlen Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center at 1:15 P.M. EDT.

According to the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, the PACT Act is the “most significant expansion of benefits and services for toxic exposed veterans and their survivors in over 30 years.” Finally, some real progress for our brave men and women who sacrificed so much for our country. It’s refreshing to see a president actually following through on his promises to support our veterans.

I mean, everyone loves to talk about supporting the troops, but Biden is actually doing something about it. He’s not just shaking hands and giving nice speeches – he’s taking action. And let’s not forget, this is all happening on the one-year anniversary of the act’s passing. It’s like Biden has a sixth sense for timing.

All in all, it’s great to see our president honoring our veterans and making a real difference in their lives. It’s about time someone stepped up and did something for those who risked everything for our freedom. Keep up the good work, Mr. President!

Written by Staff Reports

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