Biden’s Political Career Is DOA, But Dems Keep Fiddling as Ship Sinks

Joe Biden’s political future kicked the bucket last Thursday night, but it seems nobody informed him, his family, or the Democratic Party. They all appear to be camping out in denial, hosting sleepovers with anger, making shadowy deals with bargaining, and taking long, gloomy walks with depression. It’s like witnessing a group of actors still delivering their lines long after the final curtain has fallen.

While Joe fiddles around with what’s left of his political career, the media spin machine keeps pumping out phrases like “resilient leadership” and “seasoned experience.” In reality, Biden’s political stock has plummeted faster than a block of tofu in a Texas barbecue. Despite the clear writing on the wall, the Democrats are desperately trying to salvage his sinking ship, clinging to delusions like a cat to a scratching post.

Biden’s entourage, a veritable who’s who of progressive puppeteers, doesn’t seem to get the hint either. They continue orchestrating their pet projects and woke agendas, blissfully ignorant that Captain Joe has run this ship aground. All this while the American public, like spectators at a tragicomedy, are left scratching their heads and wondering how much longer this circus can go on.

The Democratic Party itself is undergoing a public meltdown that would make the cast of a reality TV show blush. Instead of pulling their heads out of the sand, they’re engaging in blame games and finger-pointing worthy of a kindergarten class. Meanwhile, their policies continue to unravel in real-time, leaving them more exposed than a CNN anchor’s bias during primetime.

Everywhere one looks, from social media to mainstream news outlets, it’s evident: the Biden-era Democrats are caught in a surreal loop, unable to come to terms with the obvious. Meanwhile, conservative Americans are grabbing the popcorn, knowing all too well that this political theater will have long-lasting ramifications on the nation. In the end, denial might be strong with the Left, but reality remains undefeated.

Written by Staff Reports

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