Biden’s SAVE Plan: Republican States Fight Back!

Last year, the Supreme Court slapped down President Joe Biden’s grand scheme to dump a whopping $400 billion-plus debt of student loans onto hardworking taxpayers. But hold your horses, folks, because Biden isn’t throwing in the towel just yet! He’s back at it again, trying to bail out borrowers left and right, while a gang of Republican-led states ain’t having any of it.

Enter the Saving on a Valuable Education (SAVE) plan, Biden’s latest attempt at dumping the debt mess on the backs of taxpayers. This time around, the plan links loan payments to income, meaning the more moolah you rake in, the more you’ll be shelling out to Uncle Sam. But wait, there’s more – the plan also lets debt obligations magically disappear after a certain period. Poof! Like a student loan fairy godmother, waving a wand and making all your debts vanish.

But hold your horses again! A fed-up coalition of Republican states, including the likes of Alabama, Alaska, Texas, and more, are blowing the whistle on Biden’s shenanigans. These eagle-eyed attorneys general aren’t buying into Biden’s bailout bonanza. In fact, Kansas’ very own Attorney General Kris Kobach is leading the charge, calling out Biden’s unlawful loan forgiveness plan as a downright travesty.

And the bickering doesn’t stop there! Former North Carolina Senator Richard Burr is coming in hot, labeling the whole student debt relief gambit as “Robin Hood in reverse.” According to these right-leaning voices, Biden’s plan is basically taking from the poor to give to the rich, all while making inflation even worse. Burr isn’t shy about pointing out that Democrats’ grand ideas are causing economic chaos and doing the opposite of promoting fairness.

In the red corner, we’ve got Biden and his gang vowing to fight tooth and nail for their SAVE plan, despite the ever-growing chorus of conservatives calling foul. It’s a showdown of epic proportions, with taxpayer dollars and economic fairness hanging in the balance. Will Biden’s latest bailout bid fly or will the Republican states reign supreme? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure – this political slugfest is far from over. 

Written by Staff Reports

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