Obama Meeting ‘Off the Record’: Biden’s Puppet Master?

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was caught red-handed on a hot mic telling the press that a meeting involving former President Barack Obama was “off the record.” The nerve of these so-called public servants to play fancy games with the press!

It seems Jean-Pierre was more concerned with keeping the chitchat between Biden and Obama under wraps than with being honest and forthcoming. What kind of sneaky behavior is this? The American people deserve better from their government officials.

And let’s not forget the mysterious fundraiser with Biden, Obama, and Clinton in New York City, which pulled in over $26 million. Who are these secret donors? What are they hiding? The lack of transparency is as clear as day.

Rumors have been swirling that Obama is the real puppet master behind the Biden administration. Could this secretive meeting and fundraiser be part of a larger scheme to pull the strings behind the scenes? The American public has a right to know what’s really going on in the White House.

It’s time for Biden and his team to come clean and stop hiding behind closed doors. If they have nothing to hide, why all the secrecy? Let’s cut through the smoke and mirrors and demand the transparency and accountability that the American people deserve.

Written by Staff Reports

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