Biden’s Scripted ESPN Interview Exposed: Was He Just a Puppet?

Sage Steele, former ESPN co-host, spilled the beans on a shady interview with President Joe Biden in 2021. The interview was so scripted, it might as well have been a play on Broadway! Steele revealed that not a word came out of her mouth that wasn’t approved by ESPN bigwigs. Talk about controlled media! It’s like Biden was a puppet and ESPN was pulling all the strings. Sounds like a bad sitcom plot, doesn’t it?

But hey, it didn’t stop there. Steele even hinted that ESPN might have leaked the questions to the White House beforehand. Imagine that! Biden couldn’t even finish his sentences without stumbling (not that it’s a surprise), and then he starts bragging about his “best hands.” Really, Joe? That’s just weird. And let’s not forget the infamous Easter Bunny incident where Biden was nudged away like a lost puppy by his handlers. I mean, come on – the man’s a walking gaffe machine!

This whole charade exposes Biden’s true colors – or lack thereof. He’s been coddled and shielded from the public eye like a fragile vase. It’s no wonder his administration feels like a reality TV show gone wrong. It’s time for the American people to wake up and see the truth behind the curtain. We don’t need a president who acts like a clueless actor in a poorly written script. Let’s hope the next election brings some much-needed change to the White House.

Written by Staff Reports

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