Biden’s Scripted Interviews Raise Concerns Over His Presidency’s Authenticity

President Joe Biden’s media strategy is under scrutiny, underscoring the challenges of managing a gaffe-prone presidency. It's widely known that his interviews feature highly polished questions, seemingly pre-approved by his team. While most people navigate life on their own, it's notable that the leader of the free world receives a list of questions in advance.

CNN reporter Victor Blackwell brought attention to this scripted approach when he observed that radio hosts from different states posed nearly identical questions to Biden. Philadelphia radio host Andrea Lawful-Sanders revealed that she chose questions from a list provided by the White House. Indeed, the commander-in-chief receives a script for his Q&As, yet still occasionally stumbles.

Following the backlash, Biden’s team quickly promised to discontinue providing suggested questions to interviewers. They stated that while interviewers could always ask whatever they wanted, moving forward, no one would receive a list of suggested questions. This move aims to offer an unfiltered glimpse of Biden’s performance.

Despite the safety net of pre-approved questions, Biden managed to trip over his narrative. During his interview with Lawful-Sanders, he made an odd claim, stating he was the “first black woman to serve with a black president.” Such gaffes fuel concerns among Americans—72 percent, to be precise—who believe Biden is too old for another term.

This wasn’t an isolated incident. Biden’s presidency seems reliant on cheat sheets and teleprompters. Notecards with pre-selected reporters and scripted responses are apparently common tools within the administration. The White House appears increasingly like a Broadway production, where despite rehearsals, comedic errors are hard to avoid.

Written by Staff Reports

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