Biden Admin Faces Scrutiny Over Pre-Approved Interview Questions

In a shocking revelation that has once again brought into question the transparency of the Biden administration, a local radio host has come forward to expose how White House aides provided her with a list of questions to ask President Biden during a recent interview. Andrea Lawful-Sanders, the host of “The Source” in Philadelphia, disclosed to CNN that she was given a list of questions for approval by the White House prior to the interview, revealing a concerning level of orchestration behind Biden’s public appearances.

When confronted by CNN’s Victor Blackwell about the pre-approved questions, Lawful-Sanders admitted that the questions were indeed sent to her for approval and that she handpicked the ones that were ultimately posed to the President. The revelation sparked further skepticism about the authenticity and spontaneity of Biden’s interactions with the media, especially as the White House attempts to showcase his “vim, vigor, acuity.”

Despite attempts to downplay the controversy, a Biden campaign spokesperson vaguely attributed the questions to the campaign rather than White House aides, raising suspicions about the intricate control exerted over Biden’s public engagements. The spokesperson’s assertion that the questions were merely suggested topics for discussion failed to assuage concerns about the administration’s efforts to shape the narrative around the President.

In response to growing scrutiny, a campaign insider disclosed that there would be a discontinuation of providing interviewers with questions in advance, a move likely aimed at quelling criticism over Biden’s reliance on scripted interactions. However, the pattern of Biden appearing to have received questions in advance extends beyond this recent incident, with past instances of the President seemingly referring to prepared notes during public appearances, raising questions about his spontaneity and authenticity.

From retrieving a pre-approved list of reporters to call on during international events to visibly holding cheat sheets with scripted responses and instructions for mundane tasks, Biden’s behavior has fed into suspicions of a carefully curated image being projected to the public. The latest revelation of questions being provided in advance to a radio host only adds fuel to the fire of skepticism surrounding the transparency and authenticity of the Biden administration.

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