Democrats Panic After Biden’s Debate Disaster Sparks Calls for Replacement

The Democratic Party is in full-blown panic mode following President Biden’s disastrous debate performance against former President Trump. Elected officials are sweating bullets over the possibility that Biden’s mere presence on the ticket could spell doom for vulnerable House and Senate Democrats, prompting calls for his swift replacement.

Senator Mark Warner is rallying a coalition of Democrat senators to urge Biden not to seek re-election, while five House Democrats have already demanded he be ousted from the ticket. Even Congressman Adam Schiff is voicing concerns about the impact Biden could have on down-ballot races, hinting at the uphill battle Democrats face if the President continues to underperform.

Critics, both on and off the record, are pointing to Biden’s age and fitness as major liabilities. Even top Democratic strategists are acknowledging the damage Biden’s sinking poll numbers could inflict on the party as a whole. The situation has become so dire that even David Axelrod, a former advisor to Obama, has called on Biden to step down, citing denial, delusion, and defiance as the President’s current modus operandi.

Efforts to replace Biden are underway, with House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries gearing up for crucial meetings to assess the situation. Democrats are eyeing a potential replacement by Friday in a desperate bid to salvage their chances against Trump. However, challenges lie ahead, including campaign finance laws that could leave a new candidate high and dry in terms of funding and polling data that suggests even Vice President Kamala Harris would struggle to beat Trump in November. The Dems are in hot water, and the clock is ticking.

Written by Staff Reports

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