Biden’s Secret Cash Stash: Direct Payments from Hunter’s Shady Business!

Joe Biden’s shady dealings just keep getting worse. According to House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer, Biden received “direct monthly payments” from his son Hunter’s business account, Owasco PC. And where did these payments come from? Oh, just Chinese-state linked companies and other shady foreign entities. No big deal, right?

Comer’s revelation adds fuel to the fire that Joe Biden is compromised and raises serious concerns about his ability to lead our country. It’s time for an impeachment inquiry, folks. We can’t have a president who is taking money from our enemies.

But it gets even worse. These payments weren’t just going into Hunter Biden’s personal account. They were going into an account for his corporation. And we all know what that means – Joe Biden’s family was using their influence to peddle their shady business schemes. And Joe Biden himself claimed there was an “absolute wall” between his official duties and his family’s corruption. Well, it looks like that was a big fat lie.

And let’s not forget that Hunter Biden and Owasco PC are already under investigation by the Department of Justice for tax evasion and other crimes. But guess what? The Justice Department is doing everything they can to protect Joe Biden. Whistleblowers have testified that investigators were prevented from asking questions about him. It’s clear that the Biden family thinks they’re above the law.

The House Oversight Committee has been digging into the Biden business, and what they’ve found is shocking. They’ve uncovered over 20 shell companies and $24 million dollars that the business raked in by using Joe Biden’s name as a brand. It’s sickening to think that our president is using his position of power to enrich himself and his family.

This is just another example of the corruption that runs deep in the Biden family. It’s time for the American people to wake up and hold them accountable. We need leaders who are dedicated to serving our country, not lining their own pockets. Let’s make sure Joe Biden is a one-term president.

Written by Staff Reports

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