White House to Johnson: Ukraine Aid Funds Dry Up; Is Crisis Looming?

The White House is urging Congress to provide additional funding to Ukraine in its ongoing conflict with Russia. In an open letter posted on the White House website, Director of the Office of Management and Budget Shalanda Young emphasized the urgency of the situation and the importance of continuing to support Ukraine’s fight for freedom. The letter stated that without congressional action, the US will run out of resources to provide Ukraine with the necessary weapons and equipment to defend itself against Russian aggression. It also pointed out that cutting off this support would not only jeopardize Ukraine’s progress but also increase the likelihood of Russian military victories.

Young emphasized the crucial role of US assistance, noting that while other allies have stepped up, their support cannot match that of the United States. The letter highlighted the significant amount of aid already provided to Ukraine, with $67 billion going back to defense companies for weapon production. However, it also acknowledged that not all funding has reached Ukraine, with a large portion being allocated to other global humanitarian needs.

President Biden has proposed $61.4 billion in emergency funding for Ukraine as part of a larger aid package. However, opposition from Congress has created hurdles for its approval. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer plans to hold a vote on the package this week, but the views among House Republicans are divided, with some opposing additional aid to Ukraine.

Former national security advisor John Bolton has voiced his support for increased aid, warning that if the US doesn’t help Ukraine, Russia will ultimately prevail. Bolton emphasized the need for a winning strategy and urged lawmakers to press President Biden for a more effective approach.

The White House’s plea for more funding reflects the gravity of the situation in Ukraine and the need to support its ongoing fight against Russian aggression. The decision on whether to approve additional aid will have significant implications for the future of the conflict and Ukraine’s ability to defend itself.

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