Scranton Turns Sour on Biden: Hometown Hero No More?

In Scranton, Pennsylvania, where President Biden is often hyped up as a local hero, the real deal on the streets ain’t so sunny. Interviews with folks in the hometown of Scranton show that they ain’t exactly sipping the Biden Kool-Aid. Far from it, in fact – they’re feeling pretty salty about the whole situation.

One Scranton resident straight up called out Biden for not really being down with his roots in the city. And it’s not just the Republicans feeling the burn – even Democrats are getting in on the gripe game. One registered Dem is straight up saying, “I’m not happy,” and another is calling Biden the worst president ever and saying the economy is just plain awful.

The vibe in Scranton is just a peek into the bigger picture of how folks across the nation are feeling about ol’ Biden. Seems like he’s just not hitting the right notes with the American people. And it’s not just average Joes and Janes – even the core Biden loyalists are feeling the disappointment. The Dems are at odds over Biden’s moves, especially when it comes to dealing with Israel.

But hey, it’s not just about policy – it’s about the guy himself, too. A survey from Harvard CAPS-Harris says there’s a whole chunk of Dems and independents side-eyeing Biden’s chances for round two in 2024. Some are even raising eyebrows over his mental game.

And speaking of some shady business, it looks like Hunter Biden’s company was throwing cash directly at good ol’ dad. This totally goes against what Biden said about keeping his hands clean from Hunter’s business. Looks like there’s more to this fam connection than meets the eye.

So, to sum it up: Scranton ain’t buying what Biden’s selling, and it looks like the whole country might be following suit. Dems are in a tizzy, folks are side-eyeing Biden’s brainpower, and there’s some backdoor business drama unfolding. Yikes!

Written by Staff Reports

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