Biden’s Shocking Debate Lie Exposed: Hunter’s Money Trail Unravels!

In a shocking turn of events, Twitter has unearthed a video clip from the 2020 presidential debate where Joe Biden, now President, boldly claimed that neither he nor his son Hunter had ever “taken a penny” from China or any other foreign government. Oh, how the mighty have fallen! It seems that President Biden’s claims are being contradicted by the ongoing congressional investigation into Hunter Biden’s business dealings, and the evidence is mounting against him.

During the debate, then-President Donald Trump didn’t hold back in questioning the Biden family’s shady business affairs. He pointed out that Hunter allegedly collected over $3.5 million from Russian sources, with the money flowing through Putin himself. Trump demanded an explanation and reminded Biden that he never received a dime from Russia. It was a masterful move by Trump to expose the Biden family’s questionable financial activities.

The deal in question was a handsome sum of $3.5 million paid to Hunter Biden’s consulting firm, Rosemont Seneca Thornton. The Senate GOP had discovered this stunning revelation during the final stages of the 2020 presidential election. The Biden family’s greed knows no bounds! It’s clear that they have been more than happy to line their pockets with dirty money, all while claiming to be paragons of virtue.

Despite Trump’s expose, Biden quickly fired back, vehemently denying any foreign financial ties. He bumbled through his words, trying to claim that neither he nor Hunter had made money from China. But, oh dear Joe, you forgot about the ongoing congressional investigation. Devon Archer, Hunter’s business associate, testified just the other day that Joe was present in dozens of business meetings between himself, Hunter, and foreign business partners from Ukraine and China. The evidence is mounting, and it seems the Biden family has been caught red-handed.

The icing on the cake is the revelation that the Biden family used obscure limited liability companies to hide the source of their ill-gotten gains. It’s a classic case of money laundering and deception. The American people deserve better than a president who engages in nefarious dealings while claiming to be the paragon of integrity. This is politics at its worst, folks, and it’s time for conservatives to stand up and demand accountability.

As conservatives, we must continue to shine a light on the corruption within the Biden family. The media may try to downplay these revelations, but we will not be silenced. There is a clear pattern of unethical behavior here, and it’s time for the truth to prevail. Let this be a warning to all politicians who think they can deceive the American people while lining their pockets. We are watching, and we will hold you accountable.

Written by Staff Reports

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