Hunter BidenExposed: Dirty Deals with China’s “Super Chairman”!

In a shocking revelation, documents released during testimony to the House Oversight Committee have exposed the unsightly behavior of Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden. These documents, presented by his former business associate, Devon Archer, reveal Hunter’s inappropriate relationship with a Chinese business partner known as the “Super Chairman.”

According to emails obtained by the reliable news source Fox News, Hunter and Archer were discussing business strategies with Che Feng, a Chinese tycoon who facilitated their connection with a state-owned venture capital fund. In these exchanges, Hunter expressed his excitement about the potentially lucrative deal, referring to it as the “manna from heaven.” It’s clear that Hunter saw this opportunity as the ultimate jackpot and the solution to all his financial troubles.

What’s even more damning is Hunter’s belief that the “Super Chairman” favored him because of his last name. In a message to Archer, he shamelessly proclaimed that his family connection and his own captivating charm were the reasons for this favoritism. This arrogance and entitlement are truly disgraceful.

The implications of these revelations cannot be ignored. It appears that Hunter was willing to exploit his family name and connections to secure personal financial gains. This raises serious concerns about ethics and potential conflicts of interest, especially considering Joe Biden’s position as vice president at the time. It is deeply troubling to ponder whether these connections influenced any of Joe Biden’s policy decisions.

Furthermore, the documents provide additional insight into Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s affairs. Archer testified that Joe Biden personally met with a Chinese businessman with communist party ties during a visit to Beijing. The former vice president also wrote a letter of recommendation for the businessman’s daughter. These actions raise questions about Joe Biden’s judgement and whether he prioritized his son’s interests over American interests during his tenure.

As the years went by, Hunter and Archer’s relationship deteriorated, ultimately leading to Archer’s legal troubles due to alleged fraudulent activities involving a Native American tribe. Astonishingly, Archer expressed his disappointment that Hunter did not use his family connections to protect him. This reveals a disturbing sense of entitlement and disregard for ethical boundaries within their business dealings.

It is imperative that these revelations are thoroughly investigated. The American people deserve transparency and accountability from their leaders. The connections and questionable behavior of Hunter Biden call for an impartial inquiry into the Biden family’s business dealings and any potential abuse of power. It is crucial to uncover the truth and determine whether Joe Biden has been compromised by his son’s actions. The integrity of our democracy depends on it.

Written by Staff Reports

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