Biden’s Stumbles Force Smaller Steps, Health Concerns Rise

The leader of the free world, President Joe Biden, has yet again stumbled and almost fell while boarding and debarking Air Force One. This has forced him to use a shorter staircase when boarding the presidential plane. A video released by the RNC shows Biden boarding Air Force One for a fundraising trip in California, but his aides made him use smaller steps to board without incident.

The trip to California comes just after a weekend vacation at the beach but, unsurprisingly, Biden took no questions from the press. The aging President has stumbled and completely fallen at least three times this year; first in Warsaw in February, at the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony in June, and most recently, just last Saturday in Delaware.

It’s a good thing Biden has finally decided to use a shorter staircase, or perhaps a stairlift may be in order. Using the smaller steps may seem like a safer alternative, but it is not without its risks. The shorter staircase provided in Delaware almost proved to be too difficult for Biden as he wobbled exiting Air Force One.

Biden’s use of short steps and his numerous falling episodes may have the American people worried about his health and ability to carry out his duties as President. It is even more concerning considering he has spent almost 40% of his presidency on vacation.

The media continues to provide images of Biden using shorter steps all over the world, in Ireland, Minneapolis, and elsewhere. With the President’s frequent use of shorter staircases and his stumbling episodes, one can only speculate when the next incident will occur. In any case, it appears that the use of shorter steps is only a temporary solution to a more pressing problem, Biden’s health.

Source: Daily Fetched

Written by Staff Reports

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