Juneteenth: Uniting Against Government Tyranny Today!

June 19 is an important date for all Americans to remember, as it marks the day of the official end of slavery in the United States. This holiday, known as Juneteenth, commemorates the emancipation of enslaved African Americans and their long-awaited attainment of freedom.

But Juneteenth is more than just a historical event. It symbolizes the unyielding determination and resilience of a community that fought against government abuse, oppression and systemic injustice. In fact, it serves as a stark reminder that the fight for liberty and justice never ends.

America was founded on the principles of individual freedom and limited government, but throughout its history, the state has often acted as an oppressor rather than a protector of freedom. It is crucial that we remember how the institution of slavery, in particular, was a blatant manifestation of the government’s abuse of power. From the brutal practice of the transatlantic slave trade to the cruel laws that enforced subjugation of an entire population, the state has a culpable history of denying fundamental human rights to its citizens.

Juneteenth, therefore, provides us with not only a reminder of the horrors of chattel slavery, but it also highlights the continuing fight against government abuse and tyranny. The painful truth is that we may not be slaves, but we are subjected to a government that continuously infringes on our liberties, and that will only become more aggressive if we do not stand up to it.

It is increasingly apparent that the ruling elites, regardless of political affiliation, view us as pawns in the game of their own self-interest, as they amass more power and control over our lives. Whether it is through the FBI spying on American citizens, draconian COVID-19 restrictions or deep-state operatives infiltrating and subverting organizations, corruption and malfeasance has seeped into every aspect of American societal structures.

The solution is for Americans to come together to fight against the authoritarians in government and other institutions, on who seek to control us. Juneteenth reminds us of the importance of mobilizing and uniting together to resist governmental abuses of power.

For America to move towards a more perfect union, we need to learn from the past but also look towards the future. We need to focus on rebuilding our nation based on its founding principles of individual liberty and limited government. It is only by working together that we can push back against the elites who seek to divide us, and take the first steps towards reclaiming our liberty and self-government.

Juneteenth is a day to celebrate American liberty, but it also serves as a call to action – that we must do better in our fight for justice and equality and that we must never let up in our struggle against government tyranny and abuse of power.

Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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