Billionaire Titanic Explorers Mocked: Matt Walsh Defends, Jim Thompson Jeers

In a recent article, Jim Thompson shows his lack of respect for the pioneering spirit of five tourists who are currently stuck in a custom-made submersible vessel at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean as part of OceanGate’s mission to explore the Titanic. While many people are criticizing the billionaire tourists’ misfortune, conservative pundit Matt Walsh stepped up to “defend the people getting into what he admitted was a ‘tin can’” and asked why social media is rooting against “people of means.”

Walsh’s defense of the tourists is admirable, given the vitriol they face online. Thompson, on the other hand, used crude jokes and insults to argue that the tourists aren’t trailblazers, but rather actors in “JackAss” films or contestants in the “Darwin Awards.” He even went so far as to make a ludicrous comparison between the custom-made submersible vessel and Camper World shelves, implying that the vessel is a cheap and ill-equipped death trap.

Thompson’s objection to the entire operation is rooted in his belief that OceanGate excluded white men while hiring. He claims that DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) should never be grounds for exclusivity and that hiring should be based primarily on skill. However, it’s clear that Thompson’s true objection isn’t to the exclusion of white men – it’s that he’s a coward who would never venture onto a submarine himself.

Walsh, on the other hand, respects the tourists’ bravery and willingness to take risks for the sake of exploration and discovery. He reminds his critics that going to the bottom of the ocean is an achievement that only 250 people have ever accomplished. Walsh also suggests that the tourists are heroes, and he reckons that social media should not mock them.

At the end of the day, the opinions of Thompson and Walsh couldn’t be more different. While Thompson sees the tourists’ plight as a source of humor, Walsh understands the true value of exploration and adventure, even if it puts individuals’ lives at risk. Quite simply, Thompson is a clown, and Walsh is a true conservative pundit.

Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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