Durham Crushes Left’s Russia Hoax, Dems Still Cling to Lies: Hypocrisy Unveiled!

The Democrats can never accept the truth about the debunked Trump-Russia “collusion” investigation. During a hearing at the House Judiciary Committee, Special Counsel John Durham proved the Department of Justice had no evidence to start the collusion investigation in the first place. But liberal Rep. Steve Cohen from Tennessee accused him of destruction of reputation, saying he was “the long one holding to Mr. Barr,” who gave him a grand jury report that Cohen claimed had some hidden evidence. Durham swiftly replied to Cohen that he cared nothing about his reputation in the public eye, but with his family and God. One can tell that Durham is a man of principles who won’t cave or bow down to the left’s pressure.

Interestingly, the hypocrisy of the Democrats is astounding. Despite conclusive findings from two separate special counsel investigations showing that there was no “collusion,” Democrats are still claiming that there was “evidence” supporting the conspiracy theory. It is shameful that they are not ashamed of themselves for making unfounded claims. Everyone from Democrats, left-wing media, and even some FBI agents worked together to frame Donald Trump with false and malicious accusations, calling him every nasty name in the book.

It is only fair that some FBI agents have apologized to Durham for how the Trump-Russia “hoax” investigation was undertaken at the Bureau. It is vital to have honest and ethical leadership, so the current administration also faces no other instances of such lies and deceit. It’s about time we acknowledge that Durham has accomplished his job and move on. Americans now need to be protected from any future communist or socialist propaganda, anti-American sentiments, and propaganda that have permeated every organ of this administration.

Written by Staff Reports

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