Black Voters Slam Biden for Chicago’s Sanctuary City Strain!

In a recent podcast roundtable organized by the hosts of Chicago’s Thinking Outside the Box, members of the black community did not hold back their criticisms of President Joe Biden. The majority of respondents pointed their fingers directly at Biden for the difficulties they face in their daily lives. Their frustration was palpable as they railed against the Democrats they keep voting for, accusing them of doing little to improve conditions in Chicago while enjoying lavish lifestyles under the protection of private security and fat paychecks.

One woman spoke out against Democrat Mayor Brandon Johnson’s support for Chicago as a “sanctuary city,” arguing that resources were being diverted from the city’s residents to fund comfortable lives for illegal immigrants. She highlighted the strain on city resources caused by housing and caring for migrants, questioning why taxpayers should foot the bill for this extended support while paperwork delays hinder any resolution.

The conversation took an unexpected turn when the host asked the woman who she had voted for in the 2020 presidential election. Much to the surprise of those present, she admitted to casting her vote for Biden. The host wasted no time in reminding her that Biden was complicit in the very situation she was now decrying, bluntly stating, “It’s your fault.”

The frustration voiced in the podcast reflects a broader sentiment among voters who are feeling let down by Biden’s failure to address pressing issues such as illegal immigration. With over 26,000 illegal immigrants arriving in Chicago since last year, and nearly 1,200 camping out in O’Hare Airport and police stations, the strain on city resources and finances is undeniable. The allocation of nearly $24 million to winterize tents for illegal immigrants further underscores the impact of Biden’s policies on local communities.

The discontent expressed in the podcast roundtable is indicative of a larger trend among voters who feel disillusioned with Biden’s leadership. As Chicago’s black community raises its voice against the administration’s shortcomings, it’s clear that Biden’s failure to address the challenges they face is eroding his support among crucial voter demographics.

Written by Staff Reports

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