Bombshell Discovery in Hunter’s Trial Points Straight to Joe Biden!

In a recent report by CBS’s Catherine Herridge, new findings from the Hunter Biden investigation have come to light. These findings are based on documents released by the Republican-led House Ways & Means Committee, as well as Hunter’s own trial. One document, labeled Exhibit 202, contains an email from August 2020 from prosecutor Leslie Wolf. In the email, Wolf instructs senior FBI and IRS investigators to focus their search warrant narrowly on potential breaches of foreign lobbying laws, known as FARA. This suggests that the investigation was specifically looking into any wrongdoing related to foreign lobbying.

But the big question that Herridge poses is, who is “Political Figure 1” mentioned in these documents? Exhibit 203, which is heavily redacted, reveals that “Political Figure 1” is none other than former Vice President Joe Biden. The implications of this are significant, as it suggests that the investigation was at least tangentially focused on Joe Biden himself.

Additionally, there are allegations from IRS whistleblowers that they were blocked from following evidence that could have potentially implicated President Biden. Special counsel David Weiss and the Justice Department were both reached out to for comment, but they declined. Weiss claims to be working independently from the Justice Department, but this does little to quell the concerns about potential political interference.

Overall, these new findings and allegations raise serious questions about the integrity of the investigation into Hunter Biden. The fact that Joe Biden’s name is mentioned in these documents and that IRS whistleblowers are claiming to have been hindered in their investigation is deeply concerning. The Biden administration must address these allegations head-on and ensure a thorough and unbiased investigation takes place. The American people deserve to know the truth, regardless of any potential political consequences.

Written by Staff Reports

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