BOOM! McCarthy BLOCKS Swalwell & Schiff From Intelligence Committee

In line with his promise, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy blocked two of the committee's Democrats, Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell, from joining the panel. Despite his warnings, however, Hakeem Jeffries of New York, the minority leader, nominated the two members to the committee.

In response, McCarthy released a letter he sent to Jeffries, in which he thanked the New York Democrat for his efforts in getting the two members of the committee reinstated. However, he noted that it was not possible for him to allow them to serve on the panel.

"In his letter, McCarthy stated that he could not put partisan loyalty above national security. He also noted that he could not recognize the years of service that these individuals had already given to the committee."

In its newsletter, the website Punchbowl News noted that, as a member of the committee, Adam Schiff has been one of its longest-serving members. He had been eyeing to be its ranking member next year.

In his letter, McCarthy noted that the committee had been mismanaged during the 116th and the 117th Congresses, which severely undermined the country's primary oversight and national security missions. He vowed to restore the intelligence panel's credibility and honesty.

For some time now, McCarthy has been warning about the possible exclusion of Swalwell and Schiff from the committee. He cited various concerns about their backgrounds, such as their ties to a Chinese spy. He also noted that they had misled the American people about the false claims about the Russia collusion and the Ukraine whistleblow.

"During a press briefing, McCarthy noted that Schiff had abused his position as the chairman of the committee. He accused the California Democrat of lying to the American people. He also noted that during his time as the chairman of the committee, he had used his power to make false claims about the Russia investigation."

He accused the California Democrat, as well as the chairman of the intelligence panel, of abusing his power. He noted that Schiff had been able to access information that the rest of America did not. He also claimed that the information he had used was false.

He also referred to the Ukrainian whistleblower, who had claimed that he was not aware of the individual he had been talking to before he came forward.

"In order to distinguish himself from the Democrats, who had been in control of the 117th Congress, McCarthy had removed two Republican congressmen from their committee assignments. Paul Gosar of Arizona and Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia were removed from their positions. He said that he would allow Republicans to serve on various committees, but he would not allow them to participate in Intel."

In addition, McCarthy had promised to ensure that Ilhan Omar of Minnesota would not be on the House Foreign Affairs committee. This issue had been largely downplayed by her colleagues.

According to Chad Pergram, a Fox News contributor, Swalwell had reacted to the news about McCarthy's plan to exclude him and other Democrats from the committee.

After the news about McCarthy's plan to exclude the Democrats from the committee, Pergram released a series of tweets. He noted that the members of the committee had delivered a variety of charges.

Adam Schiff responded to McCarthy's plan to exclude the Democrats by sharing a hysterical complaint.

Swalwell responded to the criticism from Schiff by releasing his own complaints. He also referred to a hyper-partisan fact-check by Glenn Kessler of The Washington Post.

The House would need to vote on whether or not Omar should be barred from participating in the committee. Pergram noted that it was unclear if McCarthy had the necessary votes to do so.

According to Mychael Schnell of The Hill, McCarthy had at least a few defections. One of these was Victoria Spatz of Indiana, who stated that she did not want to prevent Democrats from participating in the committee. She noted that two wrongs do not make a right. She then called on McCarthy to stop the circuses and begin governing for the people.

According to CNN, David Valadao and Don Bacon were undecided. Nancy Mace of South Carolina also joined Spatz in opposing McCarthy's plan to exclude the Democrats.

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