CNN Says Mike Pence Docs Just SAVED Biden’s Administration

A CNN panel member said Tuesday that the Biden administration should be relieved after learning that classified documents were found in former Vice President Pence's home.

According to CNN's Phil Mattingly, if you're the Biden Administration, you're breathing a sigh of relief. However, this situation is reportedly about classified information and how they're handled in a broad manner.

Mark Warner, the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said that he could hear the lawmakers' voices as they talked to the committee's members. He noted that he doesn't get to read classified information.

After learning that classified materials were found in his home, Pence notified the National Archives. Details about the documents were first reported in Delaware and Pennsylvania.

The FBI raided President Donald Trump's Florida estate, Mar-A-Lago, on August 8. The agency was looking into allegations that classified materials were removed from the property when Trump left office.

Robert Hur was appointed as the special counsel to investigate the matter involving Biden. Also, Jack Smith was selected to lead the investigation into Trump.

According to Jamie Gangel, a CNN Special Commentator, the special counsels are likely to be exhausted soon. She also noted that the National Archives might soon reach out to former presidents and former vice presidents.

The incident reminded me of a saying that goes, "For the grace of God, go I." According to Hunt, there are differences between the way Republicans and Democrats handled the situation involving Biden and Trump. However, he noted that, due to their tribe, they tend to be quick to criticize and judgment.

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