Breaking: Senator Tim Scott Poised for Presidential Run in 2024

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott is making moves towards a possible presidential run in 2024 according to Politico. Scott’s Faith in America Summit will host donors from both his state and nationwide to partake in discussions about Scott’s political update. The senator plans to travel to early primary states following the summit for more clarity on whether he will jump into the race. Scott has already visited Iowa in February with a focus on gaining the evangelical Christian electorate. Though he will be going against already established candidates like Former President Donald Trump, Former Governor Nikki Haley, Respectful businessman Vivek Ramaswamy, and others, Scott is working towards gaining more of a national footing to stand a chance.

Furthermore, the super PAC Opportunity Matters Fund Action, led by Republican Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado, and Republican consultant Rob Collins, intends to be in line with a possible Scott campaign, Politico reported. Gardner said that it would be a mistake for anyone to assume that this is a two-person race, and if Scott decided to enter the race, the doors would open wide; his national popularity and large donors base would work to his advantage.

The Senator’s political team has shown they are taking this seriously, sitting on a massive war chest of over $20 million in federal campaign funds. He is someone that shouldn’t be discounted, with his team working around the clock to prepare him for the race; with his popularity and war chest, his campaign can compete with the top names, and potentially come out on top.

It is clear that all signs indicate Senator Tim Scott is gearing up for a run against established names in the Republican Party, and he’s making it clear he has a path to victory, both morally and politically. Should he make the jump into the race, he will be a top contender with his Christian roots and national positioning. Stay tuned for more updates on Senator Tim Scott.

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