BREAKING: Steve Bannon To Testify In J6 Committee


Steve Bannon, who served as the campaign manager for President Trump, has indicated that he is willing to speak before the Select Committee on January 6.

This past weekend, former President Trump made the decision to waive Bannon's executive privilege, which resulted in a seismic shift from Bannon's previous position as Trump's right hand man.

The former editor of Breitbart News has maintained up to this point that he is unable to testify before the committee due to the fact that the previous President claimed to have executive privilege over the hearing.

In a letter, Donald Trump indicated that he was officially willing to waive the executive privilege. However, the waiver was contingent on Steve Bannon reaching an agreement to testify.

Steve Bannon's team almost immediately sent their own email to the January 6th Select Committee expressing his desire to testify while also chastising them for refusing to extend his time to produce documents by another week and voting to find Bannon in Criminal Contempt. The email was sent almost immediately after the committee voted to find Bannon in Criminal Contempt.

They also included a copy of the letter written by former President Trump in which he waived his right to executive privilege over Bannon.

It is still unclear what the Committee hopes to find through Steve Bannon, who was supposedly fired from the White House after just 7 months in the position for directing Trump's response to the Unite the Right Rally. However, it is speculated that Bannon directed Trump's response to the rally that brought together members of the alt-right. John Kelly, who was serving as Trump's Chief of Staff at the time, disagrees with Bannon's assertion that he voluntarily resigned and that he never intended to remain in his position.

Late 2020, Steve Bannon was taken into custody on federal charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering for his involvement in the "Build the Wall" fundraising campaign. This campaign falsely claimed that the funds raised would be used to assist in the construction of a wall along the southern border of the United States. The bond was set at $5 million, and President Trump granted him a pardon on his last day in office before leaving office.

Given the preceding timetable, it is difficult to understand what Bannon's participation may have possible been in the riots that occurred on January 6th. Since the former advisor was fired, Trump has been actively working to distance himself in the public eye from him, and this has accelerated significantly since his arrest. Do you think the former White House Strategist may in fact be in possession of sensitive information that the President does not wish to have made public?

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