Hunter Biden’s DISTURBING iCloud Account HACKED By 4Chan

The Biden family is embroiled in yet another crisis after purported hackers from 4chan gained access to the iCloud account belonging to Hunter Biden. On Twitter, both Hunter’s name and the hashtag #HunterBideniPhone have been trending since the late hours of Saturday night.

The allegedly leaked information from hackers includes pictures of text exchanges as well as numerous videos showing Hunter himself consuming drugs and engaging in sexual activity with prostitutes. A video that has been going viral on the internet shows Hunter having a heated argument with a woman over some narcotics that he recently bought while displaying the drugs on a scale.

It would appear that mainstream media outlets are ignoring the story, despite the fact that there have been numerous videos and other developments. In addition, it seems that posts relating to the controversy are being removed from social media outlets, despite continuing to trend on the platforms.

This comes as a number of legislators in the Republican Party have asked for an investigation into Hunter’s business dealings in other countries.

Written by Staff Reports

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