Breaking: Trump Urges McConnell to Resign from Senate GOP Helm

During an interview with Breitbart, Donald Trump called on Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell to resign from his position. The Republican presidential candidate noted that the Kentucky senator had become too sick to continue in his job.

Besides criticizing McConnell's health, Trump also took issue with his leadership abilities, specifically regarding how he handled former President Biden's plan. The president stated that it was "shameful" that he gave the Green New Deal to the Democrats and Biden, and he claimed that he had secured ten votes for the program.

Trump began by talking about the health of Mitch McConnell, who he attributed to his recent fall. He then noted that the Senate majority leader's record during the Joe Biden years was concerning. Trump criticized McConnell for his support of the Green New Deal and for destroying the country's oceans and plains with costly windmills.

Trump called for new leadership in the Senate, and he noted that it was time for new faces to take over. Although he didn't name any individuals, he praised the work of House Republicans, particularly those who were involved in the impeachment hoax. These individuals, such as Jordan, Gaetz, Taylor Greene, and Comer, have the potential to lead the party in the future.

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