According to OANN, United States warships have entered the Taiwan Strait as the level of tension between the United States and China over Taiwan continues to rise.

Reports from Sunday suggest that the United States Navy ships USS Antietam and USS Chancellorsville had made their first passage across the Taiwan Strait since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California) made her trip there. The United States Seventh Fleet has described the maneuver as "a regular transit" that was performed to guarantee "freedom of navigation." It has been claimed by Chinese officials that collaboration between Taiwan and the United States might lead to an increase in military tensions.

In the meanwhile, a number of well-known members of the public have come up to express their opposition to the idea of provoking China. Roger Waters, one of the co-founders of Pink Floyd, provided some commentary on the issue.

Waters stated that it is impossible for the Chinese to encircle Taiwan. Taiwan is an integral component of China, a nd over the past half-century, each and every one of us has acknowledged and fully embraced that fact. He went on to say that  he U.S. is currently attempting to push NATO through the South China Sea as part of its encirclement of China.

After Pelosi's trip to Taiwan, a number of other politicians from the United States have visited as well.

The Chinese Communist Party has issued more denunciation and warnings of reprisal in response to these trips.

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