Bud Light Sponsors Shocking Pride Event: Kids Exposed to Nakedness & Fetishes!

Bud Light, the beer company responsible for the infamous transgender ad that caused such controversy, has returned with a new stunt that is sure to ruffle conservative feathers, as they sponsored the Toronto Pride events this weekend, which featured naked people, fetishists, and other concerning things – all in the vicinity of children. Bud Light has lost its position as the top beer in the nation and this type of controversial sponsorship deal will not fix the situation, especially in his post-MeToo era.

During the Pride events, their massive stage was adorned with Bud Light signs and featured a host of performers dancing on stage. The Toronto Pride Parade on Sunday also featured a float truck and marchers from Bud Light – and it featured naked people all over the place! It’s a complete disgrace that companies like Bud Light think it’s okay to subject children to such inappropriate content.

There were also people dressed up in bondage outfits and doing “puppy play”, which begs the question as to how parents can explain what they are seeing to their young children. One of the men held a sign that read, “Proudly celebrating my diversity! Is getting naked therapeutic?” Is this what we want our children to see? Is this what “Pride” has become? Public indecency masquerading as some kind of diversity celebration?

One of the worst things happened during the parade was the wagon that was being pulled by a woman that had a child in it. There was a sign attached to the wagon which boasted about a woman’s hospital’s “first transition-related surgery program,” right over the child’s head. This is not only inappropriate but also completely dangerous for the child who could be exposed to such a sensitive medical issue at an early age.

How can a beer company that claims to “focus on what we do best – brewing great beer and earning our place in moments that matter to you,” possibly think that this is okay with their customers? The CEO may want to earn their place in moments that matter to people, but this move is just another example of a corporation that has lost touch with its customers. We need to stand up and say “no” to this kind of inappropriate content being shown to children.

Written by Staff Reports

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