Hunter Guilty Again: Media Hides Biden Corruption

Amidst the chaos of submarines exploding and mutinies of mercenaries, it is understandable that the public might have missed the latest developments in the Hunter Biden saga. Yes, he did just plead guilty to tax offenses, lied on a federal firearms purchase form, and reached a settlement with the mother of his never-acknowledged daughter, but don’t expect the legacy media to report on it. They are more interested in portraying Hunter’s wrongdoings as a story of redemption and showcasing just how much his father, President Biden, loves him.

It’s not surprising that Hunter is in trouble given the millions of dollars funneled through multiple shell corporations to him and other Bidens. But the media would rather downplay Hunter’s wrongdoing and blast sympathy towards him as if he’s just fallen on hard times, and it’s his addiction that has led him down this path. The media offers no such kindness to everyday Americans who face similar consequences for their actions.

Considering the media’s kid gloves treatment of Hunter, it’s no surprise that it’s been months since there has been any coverage of the Biden family’s corruption. Hunter is currently caught up in multiple scandals involving foreign countries, such as Ukraine and China, yet these are not the crooks the media is concerned about. They would instead have us believe that Hunter’s ability to glad-hand politicians is newsworthy, conveniently ignoring his father’s role in the lucrative deals Hunter has secured.

It’s time the media stops playing favorites and uses the same standards of scrutiny to those who claim to be leading our nation. Unfortunately, the media may need a reminder that their responsibility lies with truthful reporting, not cushy stories that paint a favorable picture of the President’s kin.

Written by Staff Reports

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