Saira Rao: Ranting Racial Vampire’s Quest for Relevance

In today’s constant race-baiting society, there are always a few individuals who take it to the extreme. Meet Saira Rao, a middle-aged Indian woman with a chip on her shoulder – and no, it’s not a Dorito’s chip, much to her disappointment. Rao despises white people, for reasons that remain unclear, and shamelessly spouts her venom on Twitter, in a collection of incoherent and laughable rants.

Rao’s latest diatribe came as she angrily tweeted about white people continuously assuming that black and brown individuals are store clerks. In what parallel universe does Rao inhabit? In reality, individuals working in retail are identifiable by the uniform that they wear; such an idiotic thing to gripe about.

What is most curious about Rao is how someone with so little to brag about attempts to put herself on a pedestal. She has a background in law but failed to make any headway in politics, despite running for office. Her only success is in co-authoring a nonsensical book called “White Women: Everything You Already Know About Your Own Racism and How To Do Better,” which is being published by the Penguin Books – owned by Pearson PLC, which happens to be run by white women.

Astonishing, right?

It’s a tough gig for Rao, who must try her best to remain relevant in a society that is tired of her type. It’s almost admirable to watch her keep her head above water when she knows that her way of thinking is antiquated. Her fierce attacks on white people invoke nothing but laughter from her tweets’ readers.

Indeed, Rao is one of the most miserable persons in the world – a self-proclaimed and self-hating racial vampire who can’t get enough of the taste of blood. Let’s hope she finds Jesus or any other divine higher power and gets a life.

Written by Staff Reports

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